“Photography is my passion. I think that passion shows in the images I create”

Hi, I’m Oleesha, the lady behind the lens and the face behind Precious Red Photography. I have been shooting people for many years now (and saying that never gets old!). If there’s one thing I’ve come to discover on my journey from hobbyist to professional wedding photographer it’s to never forget why we’re taking photos in the first place. And for me it’s to capture the essence of everyday life, the joy in the smallest moments; the smiles, the laughs and the things that make us human.

But, brilliant photography is not really about me: it’s about you. Sure, I am the one behind the camera snapping away, but ultimately the best photography comes as a result of you feeling as relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings as possible. So when you book me I encourage you to wear what you like, be yourself, and lets see what memorable moments we can capture together.

You’ll notice I tend to have a more natural approach to my photography. I am very relaxed. You won’t find me barking orders, organising groups into height order or dictating the pattern of your day. I prefer to take a documentary style of shooting that encourages you and your family to be yourselves and have fun. This results in some spontaneous and stunning photos.
I believe a great picture elicits the feelings from a specific moment as if they happened yesterday. This, for me, is the essence of successful modern photography and is always my aim. If you agree, please feel welcome to enquire about my availability.


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