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When Austin called to ask me to shoot his wedding, he tried to explain at the time that it wasn’t going to be a regular Nigerian wedding with a large guestlist and a massive party. Being an Asia House Wedding Photographer I was really intrigued and was looking forward to their big day almost as much as the bride and groom were. Austin and Dami’s wedding was officially the most intimate wedding that I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. There were nine people in attendance including the bride and groom and I think there was something very special about it. Their wedding almost had a sense of an elopement about it.

I think you’ll agree that they are an absolutely gorgeous couple and they made my job very easy by being so cool and relaxed the whole time. Asia House is a fantastic venue with high ceilings and large windows that create beautiful light for photography, it is located just behind Regent Street in London. The venue has a number of different rooms for wedding ceremonys. Dami & Austin chose the library as the perfect location to have their emotional but also funny wedding ceremony. The day was full of love and laughter with their nearest and dearest there as witnesses.

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We went on to Gauthier in London’s soho where they had a private dining experience for everyone. It was great to be able to concentrate on so few people as it gave me a chance to hear the different stories of Austin’s childhood memories whilst I captured different shots of everyone in this very intimate setting. I can totally understand why some people choose to have a very small wedding or even elope as there is something so magical about being able to fully engage with and interact with all of your guests on a wedding day. What I thought was really lovely was when I asked Dami what her plans were after the meal, and her response was that Austin and herself were going to go home and chill out. I loved that, nothing extravagant just go home and hang out with your newly-wed husband on the sofa and let the day just soak in. This was something that I could really relate to as this is also one of my favourite past-times.

I would love to shoot such an intimate wedding again and I hope that I get the chance to in the near future. I would aslo love to shoot at that wedding venue again as it was fantastic and really, very interesting. If you are looking for an Asia House wedding photographer then please feel free to get in touch now so that we can arrange a time for a chat.

Here are a few of my favourite frames from Dami & Austin’s beautiful wedding day.

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