baby photographer london

Baby Photographer London.

Evie is such a cute little thing, a very happy and smiley baby. It was a pleasure to shoot her (obviously not literally) and so easy to make her smile and laugh. She is only 5 months old but very responsive, alert and on the ball. She is also very curious and eager to move around like her older brother and I’m sure she’ll be crawling in no time. Mum, Charlene likes to accessorise her with brightly coloured outfits and headbands which look great in photo’s and can make them really pop. Baby’s look great in bright colours and patterns and you may have noticed that I love vibrant colours too, so it’s a win-win situation. Babies also look fantastic all of the time and so it makes my job very easy.

As a baby photographer London I find myself melting at the sight of these little balls of loveliness and by the end of the session I can’t help but feeling like candyfloss on the inside. I could literally gobble her up! Baby shoots are great and I totally understand that they may not always want to play ball all of  the time. However with a little patience, a CD of nursery rhymes and a few cuddly toys then I’m bound to get some great shots that you can cherish forever and even show their friends when they’re older! Please feel free to check out my children and babies portraits in my portfolio. If you would like to arrange a portrait session with your baby, children or any other members of your family then please contact me now. It will be great to hear from you.

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