St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Wedding Photographer

As a St Pancras Renaissance hotel wedding photographer I am lucky enough to get to shoot weddings from other cultures. Although I love traditional English weddings it’s so much fun for me as a wedding photographer to be able to discover new experiences. When I met Samadhi & Rushan their excitement about their wedding rubbed off on me right away. This was my first traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony and I thouroughly enjoyed shooting it. It was fascinating to learn about a different culture and the meanings behind why they carry out certain rituals throughout the ceremony. The ceremony leader was kind enough to explain what was happening in English (half of the guests spoke English only) and so I was able to capture all of the important moments as they happened.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both held at St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London. It is a fantastic wedding venue and the grand staircase is absolutely jaw-dropping. The staff were all very attentive and superb, which always helps, and I can’t wait to shoot there again. The happy couple wanted to create a mix of an English wedding along with some Sri Lankan traditions and so we started off at Regents park in the morning for some couples portraits. They then changed into traditional Sri Lankan dress for the actual ceremony which gave me plenty of activity to document as it happenned.

Being a St Pancras Renaissance Hotel wedding photographer means that I get to appreciate a good party when it happens. This lovely wedding was topped of by a fantastic party at the end. All the guests were up dancing showing off their best bollywood dance moves. I hope that rushan & Samadhi had as much fun as I had capturing their big day. Here are some of my favourites from the day.

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